Whenever I hear these lines being uttered or read them, the most poignant 4 lines ever said in a speech or written,
…..a sudden adrenaline rush sets fire within me; an exploring mind suddenly starts looking out for ways and means to reach my life’s ultimate ambition.

All great men on earth, be it the world’s most renowned artists or the richest and most successful businessman, had one thing in common and that wasn’t their talents or their abilities in their respective genres but a distinguishing feature known as “Resilience”. The resilience to bounce back on the face of failures: the willingness to take that extra plunge to achieve what they desired.

It is very much easier to come up with excuses while facing difficulties, as to why you can’t do it, as to what restricts your capabilities, as to what ugly circumstances you might face in future, in short, it is easier to give up. But what will happen if I give up? Surrender and give up on my dreams, become depressed, bitter, filled with anger… What if you try a hundred times to get up & you fail the 100th time & you give up, do you think you are going to ever get up after that… The only solution to this is to try again and again as long as I have the last iota of my wish of achieving that goal alive within me, because as long as I try I still have a chance to get up.

This reminds me of the story of one of the biggest inventors of modern history, Thomas Alva Edison. While researching for a certain material for his filament, he tested more than 6000 vegetable growths to search for that material. And still when he was not successful in finding the right one, his lab assistant asked him whether he was disappointed with this failure. He replied by saying that this wasn’t actually a failure as he had discovered 6000 materials which didn’t suit his requirements and now he had to just look into the other materials on this planet to get what he was looking for.

You don’t need to be the next Einstein to understand what Mr. Edison meant, “Success requires 99 percent perseverance and one per cent inspiration”. Success doesn’t require you to look out of the window and beg for help or inspiration, but it requires you to look at the person right in front of the mirror, and the one person you need to blow up, the one person you need to convince is the person looking right back at you. And if you are going to make a commitment today to that person in the mirror that, from now onwards I will do whatever it takes, whatever it takes to achieve my mission in life, then frankly speaking my friend there is no stoppage to your unforgettable journey.

Humans are goal oriented. If you don’t program your mind yourself, your mind will be programmed by default, either by your past incidents, your current surroundings or happenings. We have a natural inclination to put ourselves down through our failures, through our difficulties or if not because of any of these, then just because of unintended procrastination. A few days ago, I was discussing this with a very dear friend of mine that why most Chartered Accountants, these days, are very hesitant to take risky career options in life. And we concluded with the result being the pessimistic attitude that gets engraved in their minds, souls and bodies intentionally or unintentionally while going through this tumultuous journey of CA examinations whereby most of them clear their exams albeit not in their first attempt.

At a time when people are feeling a great deal of anxiety, fear and disbelief about their career options, whatever you have done is just a result of your own choices, results of your own actions or inactions. Now the question that arises here is, “Are you satisfied with what you’ve produced, with what you have achieved? Is this what you wanted all your life? Or would you like to make it better than this?

Why is that most people don’t pursue their dreams? What is the reason behind people not following their convictions? Why do they not explore the possibilities of their ambitions? The reason is simple. Because subconsciously, we ourselves don’t believe that it can happen for us, we don’t believe that we deserve this 7 letter word known as “success”. We fear failure. Fear kills dreams. Fear kills hopes. It can age you; it can hold you from something you can achieve.

The only thing we need to do to get out of this rut is to make a choice. A choice that is heartfelt. A choice that would define you in the years to come. And once you have made that choice then stand for it even if the entire universe goes against you. People will laugh at you, you will lead a life full of pitfalls and struggles at the start but you need to be ready to face even the grimmest consequences. There will be failures… Keep coming back again & again, face the downsides in a positive stride, get up after every fall taking life by the collar.

Time and again in the past if something known as “IMPOSSIBLE” was conquered by a human or a group of humans in history, it is very much possible for all of us to do the same. Our world is made up of people who are no smarter than us. It’s just the willingness that matters… the belief in you to make that difference. The desire, the craving, the perseverance to achieve your dreams and make them come true and the attitude that states,


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