What is Jotform.com?


As one of my initial posts, it’s very important for me to mention what is Jotform.com and what it does. In very simple words; It’s a form builder. In even more simple words, it’s the easiest form builder and a solution to most of you research problems. Seriously though, I’m an undergraduate management student and when it comes to form designing I have zero knowledge. I have no idea about codes. So it clearly means I’m a beginner when it comes to “form designing”. The best part about jotform is that you really do not need to be an expert with html coding or any program to make forms here. With their “drag and drop” tool it’s not just easy to make forms but faster too. Plus; after you register you email ID with jotform you get exposed to even more of it’s features.

Now the obvious question is “What features”? Don’t worry, I won’t just leave my readers in doubt. Okay so what really lured me was that Jotform provides a ready-made data in Excel sheet format. Nowadays the use of Microsoft Excel has been so vast that with a handful of data; almost anything can be interpreted. For my college project; this data in excel format made my work really simple. You can also get PDF formats of each answers along with the date and time of answering. This is what we’re looking at, data accuracy can be acquired through jotform. Furthermore; Jotform has a very reliable internal system which regulates the forms which are scam, fraudulent and phishing. You’ll receive every information related to your form either in your mail or in your jotform account. Also, they have a mobile app which makes it very convenient for me when anybody has submitted a form as I shall receive a notification on it. You can build forms relating to events, resume, contact form for your websites, satisfaction survey, feedback forms, job application forms etc. Intrinsically, you can build a form related to whatever that interests you!

Here’s a short video summarizing Jotform.com tools and how easy it is to build forms through this website.


  1. I just received an email message from Jotform telling me that my password was changed and asking me if I did this. I do not even know what Jotform is and I certainly do not have a password for this site. I am wondering if this is some sort of scam. I am not replying to the email. Do you really think it is from Jotform?

    1. Well, If you do not have a Jotform account it is safe to assume it might be a scam.
      But Jotform.com as a company is a really reputed form building company and security is their top most priority.
      So feel free to join Jotform, you might need it someday.

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