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Celebrate Earth Day with Jotform!

Earth Day consists of annual events designed to focus political and public attention on environmental concerns. Taking place on April 22, Earth Day gives participants the opportunity to celebrate the Earth while simultaneously considering ways to protect it. Despite its now well-known name, Earth Day began with humble origins.

According to Earth Day founder and former Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson, the original idea for an Earth Day-like event occurred to him in 1962. Dismayed by what he perceived to be a lack of political will to engage environmental issues, he felt it would be necessary to mobilize large segments of the public to put green issues onto politicians’ agendas.

Along with Denis Hayes, a Stanford college graduate who put his career on hold to get involved with Earth Day planning, Nelson believed teach-ins could also be used to draw attention to environmental issues. Nelson and Hayes paved the way for the first Earth Day teach-ins and events in 1970.

The first Earth Day was an overwhelming success. For Nelson, “the goal of Earth Day was to inspire a public demonstration so big it would shake the political establishment out of its lethargy and force the environmental issue onto the national political agenda”.

Ever since, year after year, Earth Day is celebrated all around the world with full enthusiasm by its practitioners. Now the question comes up? How can you celebrate Earth Day with Jotform? Well, the Jotform Theme Store has a particular section just for Earth Day.

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