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​The ‘Story’ Conundrum: Is Instagram actually better than Snapchat?

When Instagram released Stories a few months ago, I utterly mocked them for copying the concept of Snapchat story. Stories lets you share photos and videos that disappear at the end of the day; the exact similar feature could be found on Snapchat. The latter had rejected Facebook’s acquisition deal back in 2013. I was nearly confident the former would not work out for long. Oh boy, I was so wrong. Start using Instagram Stories, and you begin to get the sense that it’s a much better experience from a user interface point of view.

Over the past few weeks, I have spent my time pondering whether to use Snapchat to post a Story or Instagram?  Here’s why.

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Instagram Marketing

As Instagram continues to be fairly new to businesses, many companies are looking to brands that have highly successful Instagram marketing strategies for inspiration and utilizing the latest features that Instagram has to offer to ensure they are getting the most out of this lucrative platform.

One of the most important aspects to an Instagram marketing campaign is undeniably content measurement. But before you start measuring, you need to understand the goals of your campaign so you can make sure your content measurement efforts aren’t wasted. Once you finalize your goals, how do you measure the impact of those marketing expenses?

Here’s what, how, and when to measure four key areas of your Instagram marketing.


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