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Shuddh Desi Romance

Valentine’s Day: There’s no easy way to describe the true spirit of this occasion. Simply put, It’s a day when all dads around the world have sleepless nights because their little princesses are going to be relentlessly pursued by those who are never good enough for them, a time when all the roadside Romeos spring into action, a period when the flower business picks up like never before and a festival when hate is the last thing on anyone’s mind.


Disclaimer: Try this and you will lose your Valentine.

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Lost in Translation

“So, I heard you’re from Bombay?”

“Um…No, not exactly”

You see, when I was 10, my parents took the monumental decision of making the shift from Chennai, the city I was born in, to Mumbai, a city I had heard of mostly in movies. Leaving behind the Tamil-speaking, lungi-clad populace of Chennai, I felt lost. It had never occurred to me before that there was anything out of the ordinary about being from Punjab and growing up in the opposite end of the country. I ate vadais and pappadums at the neighbours’ house and wore pattu-pavadais on festivals. I went to a school where P.T. teachers ran around wearing crisp silk sarees and kicked the ball with the ease of one wearing football shorts. I was more coconut water than lassi; more Rajnikanth than Honey Singh.

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This article is dedicated to all my readers out there who, like me, nurture the belief that the law relating to the increased drinking age is absolutely ridiculous. I am aware that this is something that has been in effect for a very long time now but I couldn’t resist writing about it on account of the sheer senselessness of the matter. Not to mention the fact that youngsters my age keep cribbing about getting shown the door to every pub they visit.

It so happens, that the drinking age varies from state to state. This is because ‘Alcohol’ is a subject that falls under the State List under the 7th schedule of the Constitution. Hence, the laws relating to the same are formulated by each state government individually. On account of this, a citizen of India can drink at the age of 18 in Goa, 21 in Andhra and 25 in Maharashtra! In some states like Gujarat, for instance, the government has implemented a policy of prohibition. No wonder a trip to Goa is always in the offing!

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