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Jotform’s All New “Form Analytics”

Sometimes, it so happens that the most insignificant details that one happens to overlook tends to make the greatest difference. It is with this is mind, that my brother and I were engaged in a discussion on how beneficial it would be if one could track forms and its demographic makeup.

Apparently we’re not the only ones who think so, for this morning, Jotform released its very own Form Analytics and it looks absolutely fabulous! To be completely truthful to you, creating a form would be a futile exercise unless you can decipher the extent of its viewership and reach.  

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Bookmyshow treated Me with Free Movie tickets. Unbelievable!

BookMyShow is India’s biggest online movie and events ticketing brand. The website caters to ticket sales for movies, plays, concerts and sporting events via the online platform.

As the title says, Bookmyshow did treat me with two movie tickets. But the obvious question is why? And how?

I could never imagine what lay ahead. Not once could I fathom that bookmyshow would in fact do this for me. So here’s how it all began. It was just another day and I was habitually scrolling through some tweets on Twitter. I continued on scrolling till I noticed Bookmyshow replying to many of it’s customers regarding some ticketing issues. After surfing through a few tweets on their profile, I realised that the whole ruckus was about many Lilly Singh’s ( a Youtuber, going by the name of iisuperwomanii ) fans weren’t able to book their tickets to her upcoming show in India because they all got sold out immediately. As a loyal customer, on reading through all those criticisms from numerous customers I empathized with the overworked organisation. I understand the burden of traffic Bookmyshow is handing and can handle. They’ve always made it look like a cake walk for us customers on their website. Let it be for IPL or the ISL, movie tickets or theatre tickets, stand-up shows to live concerts, purchasing tickets from them has always been quite simple and accessible. I felt that all these negative reviews were really unnecessary as Bookmyshow could not possibly account for Lilly Singh’s popularity and subsequent fan following. I couldn’t seem to figure how one could find it in themselves to blame them if she had a house full show in less than 15 minutes!

So I went ahead and tweeted this to Bookmyshow

I got a reply within minutes. This was their reply.

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