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The Million Dollar Question – With all these efforts, will India go Cashless?

Hon’ble Prime Minister, Narendra Modi & the demonetization of currency is a hot topic – whether it’s about Black Money, Corruption, Fake Notes, Terror Financing, benami (without a name) transactions or any other concern. But, in the meantime, Digital Wallets & Online Payments turned out to be the real winners with this decision. While the entire nation was figuring out what to do next, e-wallet companies were ecstatic.

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Use of technology and Innovations in promoting ‘Good Governance’

As a student of management, I learn (or try to) the rather beguiling art and science of how to be in charge of, or ‘manage’ things. It is a rather curious subject really, this thing we call management. In fact, we are all self-professed experts on the subject, especially out here in India. We all think that we can manage everything, but can we really? Can we really manage a country of over 1.2 billion people, with an uncountable number of disparate sensibilities? Can we really manage all that? Well, one man thinks he can. That man is none other than Narendra Modi.


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