Rise, Woman: By Jasmine Kaur

Simply by virtue of being a woman (something that we can’t exactly control) we often find ourselves at the receiving end of crass comments and discourteous behavior. But for some unfathomable reason, more often than not we just let it pass. Remaining quiet and complacent are perhaps the two most self-destructive behavioral issues that we have as women.

We are doing a grave injustice to ourselves by remaining quiet about it. Far too often, I have seen womankind become the subject of distasteful jokes. I think it’s about time that we let people know that it’s not funny. If there are people who can see us only in terms of our corporal beauty, then it is their loss. They do not see the dynamic mind that lies within us, and the depths of our gargantuan hearts.

You are not just a body. If anyone ever so much as insinuates that you are just a pretty face and nothing more, then rip them to shreds. Remember, you shall not be trifled with. Do not let anyone dare to objectify you or subject you to undue scrutiny and judgment. Your docility should not be mistaken for meekness. Your humility should not give them a reason to humiliate you.

You can be shy if you so wish. Not everyone likes to romance the spotlight. But let it be known that you are very well capable of defending yourself and your dignity. Nobody has the right to treat you condescendingly. You can even be outrageously brazen, if you so wish. If you enjoy being the cynosure of all eyes, then by all means, be that way. But let it be known that you are not just some doll that is propped up on stage. There is an astute mind ticking inside which is well- equipped to fight for the respect that it deserves to be accorded.

Be honest. Brutally honest. If you feel slighted, say it. If you feel short-changed, say it. If you feel that you have been unduly insulted, embarrassed or offended, then breathe fire. Fight for your dignity. You owe it to yourself.

But do not forget that there are also people in this world who do indeed hail your strength and acumen. In fact there’s a person like that in every human being. It is just that this person lies dormant in some of them. Set out to awaken them with an almost evangelical zeal. Shake them from their slumber. Rise, woman. To seize what is rightfully yours.

Jasmine Kaur

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