Marketing on Twitter: Bring Out Your Inner Rock Star!

Do you want to make the most of Twitter, but just don’t have the time to attend a conference, read a how-to book, or listen in on a webinar? Never fear. By following the examples and advice of popular rock stars, you’ll learn best practices for marketing on Twitter.

Top-followed users such as Lady GagaJustin Bieber, and Rihanna know how to make the most of the microblog—they constantly share updates and content, and engage with other users. You can create this same type of experience with your followers when you promote content on Twitter.

The specific tactics of today’s chart-topping artists can easily be explained through music. Check out the following song titles to remember suggested tips for marketing on Twitter.

“Where’d You Go” – Fort Minor

Be prepared to use Twitter on a regular basis, and don’t leave your followers wondering, “Where’d You Go?” Daily use is encouraged, and submitting multiple updates a day is acceptable.

“You’re So Vain” – Carly Simon

No one wants to be in a relationship with someone who only talks about himself. The same applies to Twitter. Avoid being a self-promoter—take the time to share others’ content.

“Human Touch” – Bruce Springsteen

Don’t be a robot. Give your Twitter account a human touch by sharing thoughts, questions, or even a little humor.

“Where It’s At” – Beck

To interact with another user on the Twitter platform, use the @ sign next to his or her username (e.g., @parkarbuzz). By @ replying to other users, you will show your followers that you are engaged with the community, which is an extra incentive for them to follow you.

“Take a Picture” – Filter

Most Twitter updates include text, but you shouldn’t discount the power of images. A visual experience can draw in followers, so take a picture and share it in a status update.

“I’ll Stick Around” – Foo Fighters

Some users share their opinions on Twitter, and their feedback isn’t always positive. But don’t let it discourage you; stick around despite it. Use their feedback as a learning experience and take the time to address questions and concerns.

It’s time to rock ‘n’ roll! The 140-character limit is your microphone to start marketing on Twitter.



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