Jotform’s All New “Form Analytics”

Sometimes, it so happens that the most insignificant details that one happens to overlook tends to make the greatest difference. It is with this is mind, that my brother and I were engaged in a discussion on how beneficial it would be if one could track forms and its demographic makeup.

Apparently we’re not the only ones who think so, for this morning, Jotform released its very own Form Analytics and it looks absolutely fabulous! To be completely truthful to you, creating a form would be a futile exercise unless you can decipher the extent of its viewership and reach.  

Analytics enable you to gauge the best interests of your market. One of the most interesting things about online marketing is that virtually everything is traceable! Before the commencement of any online marketing campaign, one must ensure that they have analytics up and running. If not, it’s a gamble with your money since you’re not able to track its effect on your form.

Having a form without having any analytics software programmed to it is pointless! Why spend your precious time and money on building a form if you’re not going to follow its activities! Analyzing your information database can provide you with a wealth of information (probably more then you will ever need or want to know) that can be very helpful in planning your marketing strategy, in preparing effective campaigns and even indulging in form design.

These form analytics provide you with Conversion Rates as well as Average Time. Conversion Rate Optimization is done with the help of Form Analytics. This is a structured and systematic approach to improve the performance of your form by taking the traffic you already have and making the most of it.

Provided alove, for your convenience is an example of analytics for a Customer Satisfaction Form which is still undergoing tests. The purpose, however, is to show you exactly what I mean by Form Analytics. As you may notice, statistics are divided as per weekly, monthly and all time basis. Underneath that you may observe the traffic bar which helps you know the area the traffic comes from.

The device tab provides you with information as to how the form was accessed, for instance, through your desktop, mobile or tablet. This provides you with a valuable understanding of your users. In addition to this, there is a segment under it which helps you know the screen sizes as well.

Under the platform tab you’ll know the platform through which your users view your form and even the browser they used for the same.

Location, well, this happens to be my favorite tab. You’ll be provided with input as to where your posts have been viewed. Isn’t that amazing! All this just through Form Analytics! In a world where competition is everything and knowing your customers is paramount, each step in this direction is one that counts. I for one can proudly say, that this is surely a leap in that direction.

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