Freelance Writer? Be Unique.

As a freelancer, you want to make yourself as attractive to potential clients as possible. Brands have increased their focus on content marketing, bringing on content producers to contribute to blogs that enhance the brand’s web identity. As content producers, we must examine the preexisting publications attentively and note such details as style quirks, brand spellings, and nuances that could otherwise slip through the cracks. Based on the recruitment requests from agencies, brands, and companies, our best advice is to specialize. Here’s how you do it.

1. Establish Yourself as a Local Expert

A lot of our clients are giving writing jobs to people who can provide on-location reporting in major cities. They want freelancers who can attend events, take photos of businesses, cover entertainment, and provide information travelers would find valuable. Make sure to mention where you live in any social media bios or writing portfolios you post online.

2. Highlight Your Professional Experience

Are you a registered technician, plumber, dental hygienist, or gym trainer? Believe it or not, these are some of the professions asked to target when it comes to writer recruitment (usually via a LinkedIn profile search). It may not seem fun to write about serious topics, but these tend to be some of the most lucrative assignments. Clients are willing to pay a premium for writers who have industry experience and can speak to consumers as only an expert can.

3. Take the Social Media Plunge

Like it or not, social influence MATTERS. Clients want to see Tumblr shares, Facebook likes and Google+ authorship. When it comes to Twitter, the requests are even more complex. In an age in which it’s possible to buy followers by the thousands, clients don’t just look at hard numbers, they evaluate writers on their relevance (how often do you address the topics they want to preach?) and resonance (how often are your social posts retweeted, liked and shared?).

4. Provide Added Value

Anyone can slap together a WordPress blog, assemble a free writing portfolio, and call it a day. To distinguish yourself in a pool of hundred of thousands of freelancers, you need additional skills. InDesign and PhotoShop should be your best friends because being able to write well AND provide original photos or infographics makes you indispensable. Bloggers are a dime a dozen. If you can master case studies, interviews, e-books, or news pieces, you’ll be in high demand.

By focusing your writing on the subjects and fields you are an expert in, and promoting yourself passionately and professionally on social media, you can help yourself land more writing jobs.