Common Internship Interview Questions

As a college student, one is required to get their hands on work culture so as to experience the textual knowledge in person. As of this date, I’ve done six internships and I’m still waiting for my bachelor’s degree (I hope the university results are announced real soon). I would love to share top five, according to me, frequently asked internship interview questions.

As an intern it is very important to face the job interview well so that you get selected. You must come for the interview well prepared so that you can face the interview confidently. Do not get nervous and answer all the questions well so that you get selected easily.

Below are a few very important and frequently asked internship interview questions:

The most common and important question that is asked is –

  • Why are you interested in this Internship?

Answer this question well as this answer will give the recruiter an impression about you and your eagerness to join the company. Also, be honest and genuine in giving this answer so that you don’t appear to be fake or pretentious.

  • What is your goal or mission?

This is another commonly asked question. This question is asked to check your focus and determination. If you have a proper goal then this gives an impression to the recruiter that you are serious about your career goals. Have a prepared understanding of the company’s policy, mission and vision so that there are no stark differences of variation in your and the company’s goals.

  • What makes you different from other interns?

This is a very important internship interview question. You need to answer this question well as this answer will provide you an edge over the other interns. Highlight about your strengths and key skills while answering this question as this would help you to prove that you are better than the others.

  • What do you want to experience from this internship?

This question is often asked in the interview to check your motive as an intern and your eagerness to learn. In many cases the interns also become permanent employees of the company if they perform well. Internship is a crucial phase so make the most of the opportunity by giving your best shot.

  • What qualities are required in order to become a successful intern?

This is almost a compulsory question asked in the interview. Reply to this question confidently and intelligently as this answer will create an impression about you. Try and give a good and convincing reply so that you get selected. Make sure that you are well prepared and have inherent understanding of the company where you want to serve as an intern and looking for a permanent job.
Be confident and go well prepared to crack the interview.

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