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So when was the last time you were up online and one story didn’t interest you? In fact the number of stories you shall find on the internet gets you so hooked on to it that you end up in a vast chain of search from one topic to another and a series of tabs open. “Because the Buzz never stops” , this website comes up with various topics of discussion and in various fields. It can be related to education, food, sports, politics or even a commercial industry. Futher more I shall even write about my interests and my experiences. All of such content matter shall be written and discussed under the section “The Buzz”.

Also, This website shall contain another section called “Jotform Blog” which will talk about JotForm is the first web based WYSIWYG form builder. Various topics on it’s usage shall be written about so as to help Jotform users use this website without any obstacles.

Hope you’ll enjoy the Buzz which shall be going on and on through out this website.