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When it comes to Branding, we often relate ourselves to products and services. Almost all marketing classes teach us about what a good brand is like, about brand equity, about building a strong brand image, brand positioning, etc. (Probably you know Kotler better than me!)

But in this fast-changing world of information and communication, Y-O-U should have your Self-Identity, and it is paramount to brand ourselves. If I were to explain you in simple terms, Personal Branding is the process by which we market ourselves to others. It’s about who you are, what you do, what you say, how you present yourself, your gestures, your personality, all these elements communicate your brand to those you interact with and how they perceive you

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The Million Dollar Question – With all these efforts, will India go Cashless?

Hon’ble Prime Minister, Narendra Modi & the demonetization of currency is a hot topic – whether it’s about Black Money, Corruption, Fake Notes, Terror Financing, benami (without a name) transactions or any other concern. But, in the meantime, Digital Wallets & Online Payments turned out to be the real winners with this decision. While the entire nation was figuring out what to do next, e-wallet companies were ecstatic.

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