Advertisement Wars

In today’s highly competitive, dynamic and technology driven business circumstances, marketers are under steady pressure to deliver the best. Organizations are continuously improving and upgrading themselves to meet customer expectations and demands. Technology has not only changed the way in which business is done in modern times but has also transformed the way to reach out to target audience. Marketers have identified most recent media options to communicate and convince potential customers

In spite of the fact that Marketers are trying their best to promote the brand but they are often known for not playing a fair game. This happens especially when they are trying to mock their competitors. From newspapers, posters and billboard ads to videos and tweets – comparative advertising has reached new heights in this ever changing marketing era. Comparative Advertising is when a company uses several marketing gimmicks to attract and convince consumers that their product is better than the competitor’s product. Some companies have been locking horns since decades, while some have just begun with their witty comments.

It’s crazy to know how clever marketers can get and insult competitors to its core. While you may know about Cola Wars, Apple-Samsung rivalry, BMW & Audi, here are some of the best Adwars we have come across:

1. FedEx vs DHL

2. Jet Airways vs. Kingfisher vs. Go Air vs. Indian Railways vs. BEST


3. Flipkart vs. Snapdeal vs. Amazon vs. OLX

Flipkart introduced a marketing campaign called Nahi Khareeda? #AchhaKiya

Then, Snapdeal took the benefit of the campaign by adding “Acha Kiya, Bta Diya” #YahaanSeKharido


and the most famous;

4. McDonald’s vs. Burger King

BK erected a monstrously huge road sign stating that it was 258 kilometres to the nearest Burger King, complete with lengthy road directions. BK has smartly and comically turned the issue from one of simple availability into one of exclusivity.

Beside the sign, which towers metres into the sky, stands a much smaller sign pointing motorists to McDonald’s, just 5 kilometres away.

Clever move, Burger King.

Watch the original commercial below:

5. Dunkin’ Donuts vs Starbucks

Making fun of the competition is an age-old theme in advertising. Using humor, sarcasm, cleverness or call it silliness, almost everything works! We know such competitions are healthy and we love reading about them. But if you decide to go ahead with your comparative advertising campaign, you must pay strict attention to advertising and trademark laws in order to mitigate your risk.

  • Sumiran Rathi
  • Masters in  Entrepreneurship 
  • Class of ’17


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