About Me

My name is Asrar Mohammed Bashir Ahmed Parkar. Yeah, not feigning it. I do have such a long name. Well, I’m from Mumbai, India; but had spent the first 16 years of my life in a middle eastern country, Kuwait.

 I’m a BMS Graduate from Mumbai University. (BMS – Bachelor of Management Studies) with my specialization in Marketing. I’ve completed various internships in my due course with companies located in different regions like  Kuwait, Singapore, California, Europe,  Mumbai and Bangalore.

I carry a passion for learning Marketing and push myself to absorb more and more about its subject matter. I feel I’m a team leader who is highly organised, creative, proactive and results driven. I consider myself a dynamic personality with good communication abilities and a positive spirit.

What is Parkarbuzz.com?

So when was the last time you were up online, and one story didn’t interest you? In fact, the number of stories you shall find on the internet gets you so hooked on to it that you end up in a vast chain of search from one topic to another and a series of tabs open. “Because the Buzz never stops”, this website comes up with various topics of discussion and in different fields. It can be related to education, food, sports, politics or even a commercial industry. Furthermore, I shall even write about my interests and my experiences. All of such content matter shall be written and discussed under the section “The Buzz”.

Also, This website also contains a section called “Jotform Blog” which will talk about Jotform.com where I was assigned, at the time as a Marketing Intern. JotForm is the first web based WYSIWYG form builder. Various topics on its usage shall be written about so as to help Jotform users use this website without any obstacles. So there shall be lots of Buzz about this form designing company as well.

Hope you’ll enjoy the Buzz which shall be going on and on throughout this website.

I have a dream. My dream is “ADOPT2020“. I’d like to share here what it means.

A– Avenir (French word; meaning Future)

D– Drishti (Hindi word; meaning Vision)

O– Orientation

P– Pasos (Spanish word; meaning Steps)

T– Takadamiah (Arabic word; meaning Progressive)

Now the obvious question is; What is ADOPT2020?

It is the Orientation between my two primary objectives.

1. Future Vision

2. Progressive Steps

My every work, my every contribution towards any company is building me as a person, is building me as a manager. Even the smallest of accomplishment is still considered an achievement. We cannot reach wherever we want to in a jiffy of a second. It requires persistence and hard-work. Furthermore, there has to be a structured way of doing this, logically and in a consistent format. You can clearly notice the gradual development in oneself when the targets are attained step by step. 2020 is not just any year for me. It’s the year I turn 25, and this is the year I’ve taken as a benchmark to assess myself. The assessment shall be done by looking back and checking the shortcomings in me and not to redo fallacies which had befallen. It is not the year to stop. But the year to advance even more. My dream is not just for me; it will be shared. And for the benefit of all, it shall be earned. ADOPT2020 is all about this.

Achieving is not just for oneself, but for the welfare of everyone.


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