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Forget robots: super agents are coming.

Call centers across America are training so-called “super agents.” These are call center representatives who are able to deal with any and all customer problems that come through the line. In an effort to reduce industry-high rates of turnover, call center recruiters are investing in hiring candidates who can go the distance.

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The role of a call center representative is one of the few positions where assessment metrics during the interview process can reliably predict on-the-job success. Super agents need to have high achievement in things like communication skills, multi-tasking abilities, analytical skills, and more. As more companies begin to hire these super reps, the hiring process can begin to quantify the skills necessary to rise to the challenge.

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Employee referrals have been around forever – arguably since ancient Rome, when Julius Caesar offered money to any soldier who recruited another soldier into the Roman army. Over the last decade, employee referrals have been the go-to source for recruiters searching for the “best” candidates. Data shows that candidates who have been recommended by existing employees have high applicant-to-hire conversion rates. And once they come on board, referral candidates tend to stay longer: 46% stay over 1 year, 45% over 2 years and 47% over 3 years.Image result for employee referrals

However, as sourcing tools and recruitment management platforms get more sophisticated, do employee referrals still carry the same weight? Julius Caesar was definitely on to something. But, are employee referrals going the way of the toga now that new tools are changing the way recruiters work?

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