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The Million Dollar Question – With all these efforts, will India go Cashless?

Hon’ble Prime Minister, Narendra Modi & the demonetization of currency is a hot topic – whether it’s about Black Money, Corruption, Fake Notes, Terror Financing, benami (without a name) transactions or any other concern. But, in the meantime, Digital Wallets & Online Payments turned out to be the real winners with this decision. While the entire nation was figuring out what to do next, e-wallet companies were ecstatic.

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Merrymakers: Post the old notes purge! 

In the last 96 hours, too much has happened. The world almost seems like a different place. Two quakes, not measurable by seismographs has shaken our lives. India has begun its biggest movement to counter corruption, and the world has seen Donald Trump making his victory speech. Though the latter wasn’t entirely unexpected (I mean he ran a campaign for 500 days), it was deemed beyond the ambit of possibility. As for India, Narendra Modi has just pulled off a masterstroke. PM Modi declared that the old high denomination notes (no longer legal tender) should be replaced with new high-tech coded notes of Rs500 and Rs2000. Apparently, worldwide this move has been appreciated; vehement criticism or opposition can invite suspicion not only from Arnab Goswami but also from the Vigilance Department! So, even guilt-ridden individuals have had to put on a happy face in the public eye, in spite of not getting a wink of sleep since PM Modi’s announcement.


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Where VINE went wrong?

Last week Twitter announced through Medium, “Since 2013, millions of people have turned to Vine to laugh at loops and see creativity unfold. Today, we are sharing the news that in the coming months we’ll be discontinuing the mobile app.” So what went awry? Why is the app, which had 200 million active monthly users and about 1 billion daily loops set to shut down soon? The app, once in the top 40 most-downloaded iOS apps, plummeted to nearly the 250th slot in recent months. Let’s find out what made this ‘Jack’ fall off a clearly burgeoning hill.

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Advertisement Wars

In today’s highly competitive, dynamic and technology driven business circumstances, marketers are under steady pressure to deliver the best. Organizations are continuously improving and upgrading themselves to meet customer expectations and demands. Technology has not only changed the way in which business is done in modern times but has also transformed the way to reach out to target audience. Marketers have identified most recent media options to communicate and convince potential customers

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