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Challenges Faced By Managers During Cross Cultural Communication

Since the increase in the globalization process has become evident, the gap between different cultures and societies has lessened considerably. This has given rise to a new branch of management which focusses on cross cultural issues. Managing a business on an international basis can prove to be a highly challenging task as there are different cultures involved. Here businesses need to study the market before making their entry and take effective steps to ease in the entire process. These challenges that the managers have to face can be internal as well as external. In both these cases it is necessary for the organization to have all the required details and information before venturing out in new unexplored markets.


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The Crime of the Century

The shocking tale of how the drug industry lets millions die every year, as told in the documentary film “Fire in the Blood”.

“If it is true that one death is a tragedy, and thousands of deaths is a statistic, then this film is about those statistics.” This is how the film begins, and with every passing frame you come to realize the gravity of those appalling statistics. Statistics, whose numbers could have been controlled, but were not. Statistics that have come to define the “Corporate Crime of the Century”, as director Dylan Mohan Grey calls it.

The documentary is essentially a shocking exposé of how pharmaceutical companies use patent law to keep profits unconscionably high even at the cost of peoples’ lives.

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