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YOU CAN GO TO WORK OR YOU CAN BE THE BOSS: Words by an Aspiring Enptrepreneur

A lot of people are convinced that they will never achieve total job satisfaction by working for someone else. Given the choice of becoming chairman of their company or owner to their own small enterprise they would opt for the latter. Starting a business has become the new dream for people. If you want to be in your own business because you are ‘sick and tired of being told what to do’, because you want more ‘freedom’, or because you are unappreciated or undervalued, forget it. These are not reasons for starting a business; these are reasons for running away from your present job. If you want to ‘make a lot of money’, that’s probably not a great reason either.

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Rise, Woman: By Jasmine Kaur

Simply by virtue of being a woman (something that we can’t exactly control) we often find ourselves at the receiving end of crass comments and discourteous behavior. But for some unfathomable reason, more often than not we just let it pass. Remaining quiet and complacent are perhaps the two most self-destructive behavioral issues that we have as women.

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Crowdfunding: Where Dollars and Dreams meet

Crowd funding, as its name says, is the funding or investment made by the public to start a project or a business. It is a practice of raising capital for a venture by collecting small amount of money from a large number of people. This collection will be done mainly through internet. Crowd funding thus helps emerging entrepreneurs to achieve success. It should be noted that crowd funding is not only used for business purposes but also for disaster relief, political campaigns etc. It removes the need for formal applications and sanctions for fund collection. Apart from the conventional ways, it facilitates more participation of public through internet platforms.

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Common Mistakes While Choosing a Mutual Fund

Mutual fund is an investment tool by which a large number of investors invest small deposits of their hard-earned money expecting capital gains and higher returns. The prime motive of such an investment is good returns, which can only be achieved if investors select the right mutual fund according to their investment objective and risk profile. Choosing the best mutual fund is always tricky, but things can get worsened if you make a wrong choice. Here, we are discussing most common blunders people make while choosing mutual funds for their portfolio.

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Do’s and Don’ts of Effective Resume Writing

Resume is your first impression – it is your marketing tool and you certainly want to give the best first impression to your marketing document. Now, you may wonder and think, how can you enlist your whole life/work history in just one or two A4 sheets? Let’s keep it straight – resume is not your life/work history, and nor it is a summary of your failures and short comings, but a simple and quick methodology to show your suitability and qualifications to do a particular job.

It is highly critical to write an impressive resume to get noticed and get called for interviews. Here are some strict do’s and don’ts of writing an effective resume.

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