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Many businesses nowadays, regardless of size, have started taking advantage of social media networks to boost their customer service. Undeniably, your ability to assist customers via their chosen platform is crucial to your success. As social media continues to get bigger, so does the importance of getting on board and set to participate in the conversation.


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What would happen if our cities all followed the example of Sao Paulo?

Can you imagine McDonalds without its famous golden arches, or Nike without its ever present swoosh? Imagine if you lived in a world wiped free from ads – how exactly would that look? As it turns out this is not a new concept.

Back in 2011 the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil made a decision to completely ban outdoor advertising. This meant eliminating all billboards, posters banners and signs that could point towards any particular business. One can easily imagine that such a feat would be rather difficult, especially in a major city. But the city has managed to eliminate all forms of marketing outdoors.


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The Google Keyword Tool: How does it help Improve your Content?

One of the first steps in developing a content strategy is identifying trends, opportunities, or keywords to produce content for. The Google keyword tool makes finding keywords a breeze. Anyone who has managed a Google AdWords campaign has probably seen this tool conveniently located under the Tools and Analysis tab. The tool is easy to use and can provide valuable information to marketers.

google adword

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Shuddh Desi Romance

Valentine’s Day: There’s no easy way to describe the true spirit of this occasion. Simply put, It’s a day when all dads around the world have sleepless nights because their little princesses are going to be relentlessly pursued by those who are never good enough for them, a time when all the roadside Romeos spring into action, a period when the flower business picks up like never before and a festival when hate is the last thing on anyone’s mind.


Disclaimer: Try this and you will lose your Valentine.

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