Monthly Archives: January 2016

Use of technology and Innovations in promoting ‘Good Governance’

As a student of management, I learn (or try to) the rather beguiling art and science of how to be in charge of, or ‘manage’ things. It is a rather curious subject really, this thing we call management. In fact, we are all self-professed experts on the subject, especially out here in India. We all think that we can manage everything, but can we really? Can we really manage a country of over 1.2 billion people, with an uncountable number of disparate sensibilities? Can we really manage all that? Well, one man thinks he can. That man is none other than Narendra Modi.


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Instagram Marketing

As Instagram continues to be fairly new to businesses, many companies are looking to brands that have highly successful Instagram marketing strategies for inspiration and utilizing the latest features that Instagram has to offer to ensure they are getting the most out of this lucrative platform.

One of the most important aspects to an Instagram marketing campaign is undeniably content measurement. But before you start measuring, you need to understand the goals of your campaign so you can make sure your content measurement efforts aren’t wasted. Once you finalize your goals, how do you measure the impact of those marketing expenses?

Here’s what, how, and when to measure four key areas of your Instagram marketing.


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Facebook vs YouTube: Video Marketing Perspective

Until recently, marketers had a relatively established video marketing formula: Homepages usually hosted some kind of champion video, and YouTube picked up slack for regular content with its expansive storage capacity and helpful tools; marketers embedded and linked to YouTube wherever appropriate. When Facebook video was updated to support native hosting, sharing, and promotion, many just saw it as an update to their previous video offerings— and it pulled some traction away from YouTube and other video hosting sites.

Recently, however, marketers have begun to take advantage of the video marketing potential of Facebook, finding that the social media giant’s targeting and interface may actually give them an edge that other platforms cannot. And now, a newly released study from Quintly seems to show that these impressions are not only correct, but that Facebook as a whole may be cornering off the video marketing space.


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