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Have you ever come home from the grocery store and sighed in disbelief as you look at all the things you bought that you know you really didn’t need? Have you ever wondered why that always seems to happen? I can tell you; It’s because of something called ‘In-store marketting.’

In-store marketting is a series of techniques used by companies to coerce you into buying more product, especially things you didn’t come for.


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The Multiplication Rule – Investment Perspective

One of the topics we learnt in middle school was the multiplication rule.

Two events are independent in the sense that the outcome of one event has no influence on the outcome of the other, then the probability that they both occur is computed by multiplying the probabilities of the individual events.

While in school we used it to calculate solve inane problems such as the probability of flipping coins, drawing cards, it’ll be interesting to see how we can apply this rule for our investment purposes.


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How Marketing Data helps in Revenue Generation

There’s money in the math, according to a new study, which says content marketers can multiply their revenues by embracing data as a supplemental tool.

Research from The Aberdeen Group suggests that revenue can increase five-fold for marketers that use marketing data to inform their content strategy. That data can support revenue in a number of ways: increasing lead generation and customer acquisition, tracking performance and analytics across multiple channels, and improving the personalization of content to customers.

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