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The Planet That Wasn’t

We know it by many names: the ninth planet, the largest dwarf planet, or even that of the roman god of the underworld. Pluto is the one planet that has been making the headlines this week, after NASA finally released the pictures from the New Horizon’s flyby of Pluto, taking the internet by storm and inspiring dozens of memes. Let’s delve into the interesting, if somewhat sad history of the planet that wasn’t.

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Interested in having your own Business Start-up?

Starting a new business is very exciting, as it is full of challenges and also many people think they are going to be their own boss. As being your own boss gives you a lot of freedom to do thing your way and implement your own plans.

So are you thinking of having your own business startup? Starting up your own business will be very challenging and it can change your life style all together. You will have to work longer hours to keep the business off the ground and to keep it floating. You must remember one thing you will not be the first one to face these obstacles as you are starting your own business. Every business person has overcome many barriers and continues to do so.

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The Truth About Content Marketing

Content marketing has become a new buzzword. It’s spawned its own cottage industry; there are content marketing courses, experts, books, etc. According to Wikipedia, “Content marketing subscribes to the notion that delivering high-quality, relevant and valuable information to prospects and customers drives profitable consumer action. Content marketing has benefits in terms of retaining reader attention and improving brand loyalty.”

An important point to realize though is that content marketing existed well before this term was coined and well before the internet became such a dominate force. Good public relations firms have been utilizing content marketing for decades. The concept is not a new one. It’s only the spin that’s different. Similarly, media relations experts have been building and developing brands long before the term “branding” became such a catch all term.

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70% off…my rocker

An account of my troubled relationship with online sales

Look, it’s not completely unnatural….it’s a perfectly normal human tendency to have an increased heartbeat, dilated pupils, and drool dripping down the side of your mouth when you see a banner proclaiming those magical and damning words “ 70 frigging percent off”. What’s not to like? Why, you just have to do the math to understand. With a 70% discount, I can actually buy not just one useless product, but three!!! I can buy bags (at 60% off) which will be used only to store other bags; I can buy orange shorts (at 53% off) and find out while cleaning my wardrobe that I had already bought the exact same thing last month; I can buy shoes for 200 bucks and find that they feel like wearing paper bags around your feet, and I can buy pretty dresses which will be some 10 sizes too small and will later have to be dumped on an unassuming younger cousin.

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In today’s business environment, expert marketers are forced to use a variety of methods to reach potential clients. Inbound marketing and outbound marketing are the two strategies of online email marketing, which are generally used. With the growing popularity of the internet, these terms are now linked to Permission Marketing (as named by Seth Godin, American entrepreneur, author and public speaker) and Interruption Marketing.

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