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Vikriti Evam Prakriti

That is what Rigveda, one of the holiest texts of Hinduism, has to say. Or, to translate it in English, “what seems unnatural, is also natural.”

In 2015, in a move hailed as nothing short of revolutionary across the world, Ireland became the first country ever to legalize same-sex marriage by popular vote, with 62% of the Irish republic’s 3 million strong electorate voting in favour of gay marriage. This is in itself nothing short of historical; it means that a country once dominated by the Catholic church ignored the advice of its cardinals and bishops and chose instead, to become a far more tolerant and progressive society.

In a world where heterosexuality and heterosexual relationships are the norm, homosexuality has faced, and in some societies still faces, a lot of challenges before it can become fully accepted by everyone.

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Cannes you do it this way?

The Cannes marketing technique and why it works
The Cannes film festival is not just a platform for filmmakers to showcase their creations; it is not simply a place for celebrities to trip over their dresses; it is not just a rendezvous point for wannabe stars to hobnob with real ones; it is all that and more. The Cannes film festival is a spectacle. It is a show, and as shows go, it panders to its audience. And its audience consists of just about everybody, from those who sift through the morning newspapers to see who wore what, to those who take pronunciation tutorials for other people,( it’s not ‘Cans’ dear , its “ Kaan”, ….say “Kaan” …Go on, lift your chin in the air, a whiff of pretence balanced precariously atop it , open your mouth delicately and say “Kaaaaaan” ), and those who actually know a wee bit about the films that have been screened, which presumably was the main purpose of the whole spectacle itself.
Considering that there are more than a couple thousand international film festivals in the world, with new ones being spawned every day, the Cannes festival has done a good job in holding its ground. As a management student with nothing better to do in life, I decided to write something that can vaguely pass off as a case study on the marketing techniques employed in the promotion of the Cannes film festival. So here’s a list of what I think makes it click

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Adobe Document Cloud eSign services Integration with Jotform

Adobe Document Cloud eSign services or Adobe EchoSign (as it is formerly and popularly known as) is a fully automated, cloud-based electronic signature solution which speeds up the document signing process with e-signatures, tracks contract status in real time, stores all signed agreements in secure online repository and delivers an exceptional user experience. It provides a powerful platform to eliminate tedious paperwork, close business deals faster, and streamline business processes. Along with the most up-to-date technologies, Adobe eSign adheres to the latest best-practice policies for online security. Organizations of all sizes rely on it to accelerate critical business processes in Sales, HR, Legal, and Operations.

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