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How to make a Contact form?

Every kind of website, let it be related to business or non-business or even just a normal blog, they all require a contact form. A contact form helps the reader to get in touch with the content writer either for feedback or enquiry. Well and makes it very easy to build this smooth connection between the user and the blogger. I made the contact form for this website using I started off by heading from “form tools”. But after I wrote; “Contact Me” ; It seemed very plain for me. I wanted to add a little life to it. It is very important to make your contact form as lively as possible. Well, not “over lively” but surely “make it look good” sort of lively. So I added an image to my header. It still seemed as if something was missing. Hence; I added a sub text. Now, I was confident about my contact form heading. It looked pretty good to me at least. I moved on to “Quick Tools” where I found Full Name, Email and Phone Number tool. I simply had to drag and drop them. After this I went back up to form tools and selected “text area” to as to add my final “message” section. Furthermore, an end to my contact form by adding the “submit button” which was found in form tools as well.

Now after the basics were done. I clicked on “form preview”. It showed exactly how my form looked. But I was quite unhappy as other than my header everything looked dull. So now I had to make my form look, as I said earlier, “lively”. At first, I added my website’s logo beside the phone number by shrinking the phone number column. Adjusted the logo size to fit perfectly into the form.  Then, I clicked on “form designer”. Now form designer definitely has to be one of jotform’s best features to make your form look really professional and amazing. It had wide range of options and you can exactly design and customize your form the way you want to.


Before using Jotform Design.


After using Jotform Design.

And trust me, I bet I haven’t even used most of the features that Jotform Design provides. Within a matter of minutes, my dull form looked amazing and professional after the use of Jotform design. You can add colours to your frame. Change your background. Add Background images, change your font, change the frame size, decide the distance between each frame etc.

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What is


As one of my initial posts, it’s very important for me to mention what is and what it does. In very simple words; It’s a form builder. In even more simple words, it’s the easiest form builder and a solution to most of you research problems. Seriously though, I’m an undergraduate management student and when it comes to form designing I have zero knowledge. I have no idea about codes. So it clearly means I’m a beginner when it comes to “form designing”. The best part about jotform is that you really do not need to be an expert with html coding or any program to make forms here. With their “drag and drop” tool it’s not just easy to make forms but faster too. Plus; after you register you email ID with jotform you get exposed to even more of it’s features.

Now the obvious question is “What features”? Don’t worry, I won’t just leave my readers in doubt. Okay so what really lured me was that Jotform provides a ready-made data in Excel sheet format. Nowadays the use of Microsoft Excel has been so vast that with a handful of data; almost anything can be interpreted. For my college project; this data in excel format made my work really simple. You can also get PDF formats of each answers along with the date and time of answering. This is what we’re looking at, data accuracy can be acquired through jotform. Furthermore; Jotform has a very reliable internal system which regulates the forms which are scam, fraudulent and phishing. You’ll receive every information related to your form either in your mail or in your jotform account. Also, they have a mobile app which makes it very convenient for me when anybody has submitted a form as I shall receive a notification on it. You can build forms relating to events, resume, contact form for your websites, satisfaction survey, feedback forms, job application forms etc. Intrinsically, you can build a form related to whatever that interests you!

Here’s a short video summarizing tools and how easy it is to build forms through this website.

Why Internships?


College students of todays generation are thriving for internships. As soon as college vacations start, the hunt for internships in the best and most prestigious organisations begins. But what is it about internships that keeps college students excited? So far, I’ve done 2 internships and both at Al-Yasra Food  Co. (Kuwait). As per my experience; there is nothing better than watching all that textual knowledge come live in front of you, in a more practical way. This is one of the only reasons to get addicted to do more and more internships before graduation. Trust me, there is nothing better than experiencing a corporate life. Yes, we do “know” those business terms and have solved various “problems” in our syllabus during our course of learning in school/college. But what about the main game? What about the time when you have to apply all what you have acquired in your high school and college at your work? It does get a bit arduous when you are directly put in an organisation after your graduation. Yes, that muddle will bother you too that “how will it be to finally enter a corporate world after graduation”. Hence internships not only give you a practical knowledge of your textbooks but also shape you up to face the corporate world.

Today’s world is very competent. You need to build that “extra” about yourself so as to make one’s mark. And that’s where internships come into place. Even while applying for Masters or Post Graduation after your graduate studies, your internships are checked. To be honest. It’s not about “how many” you do but it’s about “how much you have earned” from the internships. Internships do add to your own brand value. It pushes you to do things beyond your thinking. It gives you scope to imagine more and come up with more and more ideas.

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Welcome to

So when was the last time you were up online and one story didn’t interest you? In fact the number of stories you shall find on the internet gets you so hooked on to it that you end up in a vast chain of search from one topic to another and a series of tabs open. “Because the Buzz never stops” , this website comes up with various topics of discussion and in various fields. It can be related to education, food, sports, politics or even a commercial industry. Futher more I shall even write about my interests and my experiences. All of such content matter shall be written and discussed under the section “The Buzz”.

Also, This website shall contain another section called “Jotform Blog” which will talk about JotForm is the first web based WYSIWYG form builder. Various topics on it’s usage shall be written about so as to help Jotform users use this website without any obstacles.

Hope you’ll enjoy the Buzz which shall be going on and on through out this website.