Adobe FormsCentral is closing very very soon. They have decided to terminate their entire FormsCentral Project.

According to a post on the Adobe Acrobat blog, its web form builder software will officially be “retired from service” on July 18, due to lack of interest.

“Adobe is committed to delivering exceptional software and services to our customers. It’s in our nature to innovate and try new things, and it was in this spirit that we introduced FormsCentral over three years ago. Unfortunately, not enough people have chosen this path,” stated the post, written by Rebecca Staley, a member of the Acrobat marketing team.

“The Acrobat team is committed to providing world-class PDF creation products and cloud services to enable you, our customers, to work with PDF files from anywhere, on any device. That will continue to be our focus moving forward.”

Staley laid out the end of life plan for Adobe’s web form builder in her post:

Through June 22: You can continue to create PDF forms and collect data through the FormsCentral service, with no loss of functionality.

June 23: You will no longer be able to create new forms or collect new data, but you will be able to download data from existing forms.

July 28: The service will be fully retired.”

The question is, are you prepared for an alternative? Now there are many form designing websites who have claimed to be the the best Adobe FormsCentral Alternative. But in this post you’ll know why Jotform.com is the best FormsCentral Alternative.

  1. Transfer of Forms/ Import

The first question that comes into anyone’s mind is that what about all those forms created on FormCentral? Certainly there were lots and lots of hard work involved in their making. No need to worry about that. Jotform.com makes it so easy to transfer forms from FormsCentral to Jotform. Without losing any data, you can easily import your forms from FormsCentral. Migrating not just your forms but your result database is possible with just a click of a button. You will be amazed to notice the similarity in both the forms. Transfer of forms takes place seamlessly and is done in no time.

  1. Easiest From Builder

As the tagline says, it indeed the easiest form builder. With the easy drag and drop feature you can create a form in minutes! I’m a student and have used Jotform many a times in the past few years. Not just for my college studies, But I was able to create various forms easily for internship purposes as well.

  1. Widgets

Widgets. Well, I would call them life saviors. With over 300+ widgets, you can create and design the best form out there. May it be, SocialShare or an Image Slider widget, Jotform has it all. The recently introduced Adobe eSign widget is the best of all for securing your forms.

  1. Themes

The Jotform Theme Store has various themes. Now, why wouldn’t you want themes? Sometimes, it so happens that you sit behind your laptop, in a mood to design a form, but you have no idea where to start from. You kind of know what you need but do you know “exactly” what? A wide variety of options are available at the theme store which will let you decide what kind of form you want to create and the kind of look you would expect from your form. You’ll find many options under categories which may fit your need.

  1. Security

Jotform updates their security from time to time. One of its best features is that creating forms on Jotform is very secure. They take good care of all those spams and phishing content on their website. Jotform has very strict rules about creating forms to scam your customers. They take immediate action against such forms and bring them down without notice.

  1. Analytics

In one of my previous posts I have discussed in detail how helpful is Jotform’s New Analytics feature. Digital analytics is the analysis of qualitative and quantitative data from your business and the competition to drive a continual improvement of the online experience that your customers and potential customers have which translates to your desired outcomes (both online and offline).

One of the most important steps of digital analytics is determining what your ultimate business objectives or outcomes are and how you expect to measure those outcomes. In the online world, there are five common business objectives:

  • For ecommerce sites, an obvious objective is selling products or services.
  • For lead generation sites, the goal is to collect user information for sales teams to connect with potential leads.
  • For content publishers, the goal is to encourage engagement and frequent visitation.
  • For online informational or support sites, helping users find the information they need at the right time is of primary importance.
  • For branding, the main objective is to drive awareness, engagement and loyal.
  1. Integrations

Jotform has 114+ integrations including PayPal, Dropbox, SalesForce, WordPress, Twitter. Google Spreadsheet is Jotform’s most popular integrations.

The Google Spreadsheet Integration helps to :

  • Automatically update submitted Jotform forms on any Google Spreadsheet
  • Share data quickly with other members of your organization
  • Collaborate and edit data easily
  • No importing or exporting data

Google Spreadsheets allows you to actively share and collaborate over data.

  1. Payment

Jotform helps you to collect payments from various sources such as Paypal, paypal Express, Paypal Pro, stripe, Authorize.net , CLICKBANK, WorldPay and more. Why would your form require a payment tool? You can use these tools for your e-commerce store, fundraising and charity efforts, collecting membership and subscription payments or charging for services. You would not enter your valid credit card information on any form unless it has a trusted source.

  1. Branding

The forms at Jotform are completely customizable. This is really important for customer-facing forms. Your brand is your business. The visual system that expresses your personality, values, and  gives you the competitive edge. The only place where Jotform uses their own branding is at the Thank You page after you submit your form but even that can be altered and removed.

  1. Mobile Friendly

What’s better than to have a form which is totally mobile responsive? Having a mobile friendly site leads to:

  • Improved mobile search rankings.Google’s new update has begun to penalize sites that aren’t mobile-friendly by boosting the mobile rankings of mobile-friendly website. If you want to be found in mobile search results, now is the time to update your website.
  • Better user experience.Even if you don’t think mobile searches are important, a non mobile-friendly site can lead to a less than stellar experience for both current and potential patients.
  • Quicker speeds.If your site isn’t optimized for mobile use, it can load slowly and may even drive people away. A mobile-friendly site will offer a much faster option for viewers.

Not just this. Jotform has recently introduced an app for the all new Apple Watch as well.

Other than these ten reasons listed above, You’ll find it all in detail under their website here.

So what are you waiting for? Jump right in from FormsCentral to Jotform. FormsCentral is closing in less than a week now!

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