​The ‘Story’ Conundrum: Is Instagram actually better than Snapchat?

When Instagram released Stories a few months ago, I utterly mocked them for copying the concept of Snapchat story. Stories lets you share photos and videos that disappear at the end of the day; the exact similar feature could be found on Snapchat. The latter had rejected Facebook’s acquisition deal back in 2013. I was nearly confident the former would not work out for long. Oh boy, I was so wrong. Start using Instagram Stories, and you begin to get the sense that it’s a much better experience from a user interface point of view.

Over the past few weeks, I have spent my time pondering whether to use Snapchat to post a Story or Instagram?  Here’s why.

Snapchat: Content Creation, then Consumption. Instagram: The Opposite

2017-01-16 00.47.54

Most of the time when I open up Instagram, it’s because I want to consume content rather than create it. The design doesn’t punish me for that—that’s why it lands you on your feed as soon as you enter the app, not on your camera screen.

It’s the reverse on Snapchat, which prioritizes content creation first, discovery second. Most other social platforms actually let you check out what other users are posting before asking you to post something yourself.

Reduction of Viewers


So as to understand this circumstance even better, let’s say I used to get 5,000 views on my Snapchat at one point of time. (No. This is not the actual number of views. I am not any celebrity!)

These number of views are steadily fading. It has now plummeted to 4,000 views. Either it could be people are bored of using Snapchat or  just tired of my stories; But I chiefly feel, these spectators rather prefer Instagram stories.

 Subsequently having posted a couple of times, I have observed that my number of views on Snapchat are equal to that on Instagram Stories. Moderately people are adapting to Instagram stories. Though initially, they were all sceptical about its usage, some of them even swore never to use it. Still, many are shifting their ways to Instagram Stories.


Screenshot 2017-01-15 23.48.04

When it comes to the geotag design, Snapchat unquestionably wins. But there is one major problem. Many times it so happens that a particular point has no filter. Here is where Instagram comes in. No matter where you are, there is a location tag. Rather it is more accurate.

More Visibility

Photo 16-01-17, 12 24 44 AM

Agreed, you can set your snaps public, and anybody can view your story; But Instagram clearly has more visibility as you can just visit anyone’s profile without even following them and check out their stories. This gives Instagram stories more perceptibility.

This is rather best for brands who go through various promotional activities. There are more chances for their brands to reach out to their potential users and target respectively. Also, Instagram keeps on suggesting various stories from different accounts based on your followers and likes (as shown in the above image).

Tag users

Screenshot 2017-01-16 01.10.57

Out of all the correlations, this one is my favourite. I have been waiting for Snapchat to roll this out but in vain. When I discovered you could tag your friends on Instagram stories, I was filled with merriment! Joie de vivre!  Rather, after tagging them, viewers can easily get directed to our friends’ profile with a single touch (as shown in the  picture).

More Text

Screenshot 2017-01-16 01.17.58

Yes, I am aware through one simple trick you could easily add more text on Snapchat. But the entire design gets crippled by adding more and more text. On Instagram, you may add multiple texts in different forms and could place them wherever you want.


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Oh! Filters. I mean, would you even know about Snapchat without those hillarious and (some of them) creepy filters? Rather, I could see many peers of mine annoyingly licking their screens off thanks to the one and only dog filter. This is one feature which isn’t available on Instagram Stories, yet. Since Facebook owns Instagram and MSQRD, maybe in the near feature it might roll out video filters for Instagram Stories. And trust me, MSQRD is more realistic than Snapchat’s filters. MSQRD has more permanent filters as compared to Snapchat. In addition to a more diverse variety of photo filters, MSQRD also features longer video recording time and a better image masking engine that becomes apparent when the user sets the filter while in the selfie mode.

Plus, let us not forget that you could always save your filter videos and repost them on Instagram. Instagram stories let you post any photo or video saved on your phone during the past 24 hours.

Better Privacy Settings

Screenshot 2017-01-16 00.45.58

As you can see above, on Snapchat, even if you decide to block someone from viewing your stories, that will shut your public viewers and automatically set it to only friends. On the other hand, when it comes to Instagram Stories, you can hide it from that one person, and the post shall still be visible to others. So when it comes to adjusting your privacy settings, Instagram is probably ahead by a step or two.


Snapchat did something Instagram didn’t. It laid the foundation for a new kind of user behaviour, not just a new kind of content. It didn’t just invent snaps; it taught everyone how to “snap.” But now that behaviour is commonplace. It’s the vernacular. So Instagram is taking that basic language—which now everybody speaks—and tinkering with the grammar, adding new expressions, polishing up the prose. Its story product is by no means perfect, and the changes are small and easy to miss, or just label a knock-off. But if Instagram’s bet pays off, it’s going to be the go-to place for the conversation that Snapchat started.



  1. Yes it’s true that Instagram stories are much better than Snap stories. Maybe because I use Instagram more than Snapchat. I find it easier and quicker to use. Well we can’t forget the Snap face effects and masks. I wish Instagram had something new different from Snapchat. I didn’t know we could tag users on instastory.😜 Thanks Asrar for the info☺☺

    1. Thank you so much for your feedback Shalu! This is much appreciated! 🙂
      Very true! Hopefully Instagram shall roll out filters as the ones on Snapchat.
      THERE YOU GO! 😀 Now you know. Parkar Buzz tries its best to make its readers AWARE. 😀 Keep in touch.

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